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I was twelve when I took my first photograph with my brand-new Polaroid camera. As I watched the photo develop, something “clicked” within me.  It was as though I discovered a foreign language that I instinctively knew how to speak. Through photography, I found a way to share my voice more clearly than with words.


When shooting, I feel a visceral connection to what I see, when I am emotionally, almost spiritually connected to the photo.  I find myself fully present in that moment, grateful for that glimpse of something bigger than me, of something universal. It gives me purpose, to reveal what touches my soul, in the hopes of sparking that in others.


As a body of work, I’ve tried to explore  aspects of our humanness - often joy, but also depression, grief, fear. It’s in this way that I hope something resonates with the viewer, that we can recognize these emotions within one another and feel connected.


Through photography, I have been fortunate to find that connection in many ways, not just by sharing my own work, but by helping others on their own artistic journey. I have taught in both the classroom and photography workshops, to children and adults alike.  I am humbled and honored that people invite me into their lives to photograph their family, pets, special events, milestones. I’ve had the opportunity to travel through out the United States to national landmarks, beach towns, circuses, dog shows, and much more.  I am a regular contributor to The Sun, a well-respected literary and photography publication, and my work has been featured in both solo and group gallery exhibitions including San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and most recently, in the Art of the State in Harrisburg, PA. Throughout my career, I have maintained a close working relationship with legendary photographer Larry Fink. 


I find inspiration in discovering new music, running, hiking, and spending time with my two beautiful daughters.

All of my photographs are for sale.  If you see something that calls to you, reach out to me and I will be happy to make you one.

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